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Wildlife Toxicity Assessments for Chemicals of Military Concern


Elsevier, 2015.

ISBNs 9780128000205

Colección: ScienceDirect

Resumen (en inglés):

Wildlife Toxicity Assessments for Chemicals of Military Concern is a compendium of chemical-specific toxicity information with discussions on the rationale and development of Wildlife Toxicity Reference Values (TRVs) intended for use on terrestrial wildlife for risk assessment applications. Substances covered include military-related chemicals including explosives, propellants, pesticides and metals.

Wildlife Toxicity Assessments for Chemicals of Military Concern is a much-needed resource designed to meet the needs of those seeking toxicological information for ecological risk assessment purposes. Each chapter targets a specific chemical and considers the current knowledge of the toxicological impacts of chemicals to terrestrial wildlife including mammalian, avian, amphibian and reptilian species.

  • Provides detailed information on how Wildlife Toxicity Values (TRVs) for military chemicals of concern are derived and evaluated.
  • Covers wildlife toxicity assessments of explosives, metals and environmental chemicals.
  • Compiles relevant information on the environmental effects of chemicals on wildlife in relation to public and environmental health.

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Yeast as a Tool in Cancer Research


13th ed. Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.

ISBNs 9781402059629 9781402059636

Colección: SpringerLink

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