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Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

A Systems Approach: A Systems Approach


13th ed. New York, NY: Higher Education Press, 2007.

ISBNs 9780387710280 9780387710297

Colección: SpringerLink

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Coordination Abilities in Volleyball


De Gruyter, 2014.

ISBNs 9783110370317 9783110374247

Colección: Directory of Open Access Books

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Palpation für das Beckenbodentraining


De Gruyter, 2014.

ISBNs 9783110246124 9783110391626

Colección: Directory of Open Access Books

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Science of Fitness, The

Power, Performance, and Endurance


Academic Press, 2014.

ISBNs 9780128010235

Colección: ScienceDirect

Resumen (en inglés):

The Science of Fitness: Power, Performance, and Endurance clearly explains the vital connection between diet and exercise in the human body. With this knowledge, you can use the right exercise and nutrition to obtain a higher quality life, prevent disease, and slow the aging process.

Authored in a straightforward style and with color images throughout, this book explores the cellular science behind fitness, protein synthesis, and healthy living. With it you will learn the most recent and important discoveries in the relationships between physical fitness, nutrition, weight loss, and weight management. It provides key information on the body’s mitochondrial processes and their role in aging, along with well-informed discussions on general nutrition, sports nutrition, exercise physiology, how to enhance athletic performance, and how exercise strengthens the mind.

Whether you are interested in how to eat healthy, train for your first (or next) marathon, take your fitness to the next level, find the best super foods, or simply want to improve your vitality through healthy, doable practices, this book will help you on your journey regardless of age or fitness level.

  • Presents the connection between exercise, nutrition, and physiology in a way that is ideal for both experienced athletes and newcomers
  • Provides the scientific basis for mitochondrial functions and their relationship to fitness, protein synthesis, quality of life, and the aging process
  • Synthesizes the latest research on nutrition, sports nutrition, super foods, and the brain/body connection
  • Co-Authored by legendary cyclist Greg LeMond, who illustrates key points using his own athletic journey

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