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Concise Encyclopedia of Advanced Ceramic Materials


Pergamon, 1991.

ISBNs 9780080347202

Colección: ScienceDirect

Resumen (en inglés): Advanced ceramics cover a wide range of materials which are ceramic by nature but have been developed in response to specific requirements. This encyclopedia collects together 137 articles in order to provide an up-to-date account of the advanced ceramic field. Some articles are drawn from the acclaimed Encyclopedia of Materials Science and Engineering, often revised, and others have been newly commissioned. The Concise Encyclopedia of Advanced Ceramic Materials aims to provide a comprehensive selection of accessible articles which act as an authoritative guide to the subject. The format is designed to help the readers form opinions on a particular subject. Arranged alphabetically, with a broad subject range, the articles are diverse in character and style, thereby stimulating further discussion. Topics covered include survey articles on glass, hot pressing, insulators, powders, and many are concerned with specific chemical systems and their origins, processing and applications. The Concise Encyclopedia of Advanced Ceramic Materials will be invaluable to materials scientists, researchers, educators and industrialists working in technical ceramics.

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Concise Encyclopedia of Composite Materials


Pergamon, 1994.

ISBNs 9780080423005

Colección: ScienceDirect

Resumen (en inglés): The Concise Encyclopedia of Composite Materials, first published as a hardbound edition in 1989, has been updated and revised and is now available as a paperback for individual researchers requiring a fundamental reference source for this dynamic field.

Since 1989, research involving composite materials has advanced rapidly and this revised edition reflects those changes with the addition of new articles, including recent work on nanocomposites, smart composite materials systems, and metallic multilayers.

The 67 articles included in this revised edition are presented in alphabetical order and each provides an introduction to one aspect of composite materials. Every article is extensively cross-referenced and includes a full bibliography. The volume contains over 250 photographs, drawings and tables as well as exhaustive subject and author indexes.

The comprehensive breadth of coverage of the field of composite materials makes this volume an invaluable source of reference for materials scientists and mechanical engineers involved in industrial and academic research into the fabrication, properties and applications of composite materials.

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Concrete Materials

Properties, Specifications, and Testing


2nd ed. William Andrew Publishing, 1992.

ISBNs 9780815513087

Colección: ScienceDirect

Resumen (en inglés): This book presents an in-depth approach to concrete ingredients and their relationships to concrete by discussing their properties, pertinent test methods, specifications, proper use and selection, and solutions to problems in practice.
The approach is practice oriented, and the book assists in the improved application of concrete through a thorough understanding of its ingredients. This is aided by the discussion of certain fundamental aspects and relationships in quantitative forms, and by also presenting the interpretation of research and experience. An extensive bibliography is included.

The book is a current, organized summary of knowledge concerning concrete-making materials, which will enable the engineer/user to make the best possible product using these materials.

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Condensed Encyclopedia of Polymer Engineering Terms


Butterworth-Heinemann, 2001.

ISBNs 9780080502823

Colección: ScienceDirect

Resumen (en inglés): This reference book provides a comprehensive overview of the nature, manufacture, structure, properties, processing, and applications of commercially available polymers.

The main feature of the book is the range of topics from both theory and practice, which means that physical properties and applications of the materials concerned are described in terms of the theory, chemistry and manufacturing constraints which apply to them. It will therefore enable scientists to understand the commercial implications of their work as well as providing polymer technologists, engineers and designers with a theoretical background.

Provides a comprehensive overview of commercially available polymers
Offers a unique mix of theory and application
Essential for both scientists and technologists

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Controlled Release of Bioactive Materials


Academic Press, 1980.

ISBNs 9780120744503

Colección: ScienceDirect

Resumen (en inglés): Controlled Release of Bioactive Materials is a collection papers that deal with the study of controlled release applications in drugs and other pharmacological products and processes.

The text covers topics such as the theory and practice of controlled drug delivery from bioerodible polymers, biodegradable drug delivery systems from aliphatic polyesters, and the applications of osmotic drug delivery. Also covered are topics such as the application of polymers for the sustained release of macromolecules, controlled transdermal delivery, and the use of hydrogel devices for the controlled release of steroid hormones.

The book is recommended for pharmacologists and doctors who would like to know more about advancements in the field of controlled release applications and its uses in healthcare, especially in pharmacology.

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Corrosion Engineering

Principles and Solved Problems


Elsevier, 2015.

ISBNs 9780444627223

Colección: ScienceDirect

Resumen (en inglés): Corrosion Engineering: Principles and Solved Problems covers corrosion engineering through an extensive theoretical description of the principles of corrosion theory, passivity and corrosion prevention strategies and design of corrosion protection systems. The book is updated with results published in papers and reviews in the last twenty years. Solved corrosion case studies, corrosion analysis and solved corrosion problems in the book are presented to help the reader to understand the corrosion fundamental principles from thermodynamics and electrochemical kinetics, the mechanism that triggers the corrosion processes at the metal interface and how to control or inhibit the corrosion rates. The book covers the multidisciplinary nature of corrosion engineering through topics from electrochemistry, thermodynamics, mechanical, bioengineering and civil engineering.

  • Addresses the corrosion theory, passivity, material selections and designs
  • Covers extensively the corrosion engineering protection strategies
  • Contains over 500 solved problems, diagrams, case studies and end of chapter problems
  • Could be used as a text in advanced/graduate corrosion courses as well self-study reference for corrosion engineers

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Coupled Theory of Mixtures in Geomechanics with Applications, The


13th ed. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer, 2006.

ISBNs 9783540251309 9783540346609

Colección: SpringerLink

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Critical Materials Problems in Energy Production


Academic Press, 1976.

ISBNs 9780126650501

Colección: ScienceDirect

Resumen (en inglés): Critical Materials Problems in Energy Production discusses the most challenging of the materials problems in the areas of production, distribution, and energy storage. This book is a result of the Distinguished Lecture Series on “Critical Materials Problems in Energy Production” sponsored by the Joint Center for Materials Science in New Mexico. This text is organized into eight sections encompassing 29 chapters that cover topics on nuclear power, materials for high-temperature applications, solar energy, direct solar conversion, coal and other fossil fuels, superconducting materials, and energy storage devices.
After a brief introduction to overall perspective of the energy program, the book goes on discussing the problems encountered in nuclear power generation, including the complication of their interdependence, the severity of the service parameters, and the need for safety and reliability. Section II examines the progress made in the development of high-temperature materials suitable for use in magnetohydrodynamic converts and advanced turbines and jet engines. The subsequent two sections address the thermal/optical requirements for solar utilization devices and the limitations encountered in solar cell materials. Section V deals with the metallurgical problems emanating from the materials used for confinement and the flow of energy in steam generating systems. This section also describes the close dependence of catalytic performance on technological innovations in the field of materials science. Section VI discusses the basics of superconductivity phenomena. Section VII deals with the materials problems related to the development of more efficient batteries. Discussions on new electrode materials, solid electrolytes, and high-temperature battery systems are included in this section. The concluding section provides supplemental texts containing references and readings.

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4th ed. Butterworth-Heinemann, 2001.

ISBNs 9780750648332

Colección: ScienceDirect

Resumen (en inglés): Since the first publication of this definitive work nearly 40 years ago, this fourth edition has been completely rewritten.

Crystallization is used at some stage in nearly all process industries as a method of production, purification or recovery of solid materials.

Incorporating all the recent developments and applications of crystallization technology, Crystallization gives clear accounts of the underlying principles, a review of the past and current research themes and guidelines for equipment and process design. This new edition introduces and enlarges upon such subjects as:

· Control and Separation of polymorphs and chiral crystals
· Micro- and macro-mixing and the use of computer fluid dynamics
· Seeding and secondary nucleation in batch crystallization processes
· Incorporation of upstream and downstream requirements into design procedures for crystallization plant
· Computer-aided molecular design and its use in crystal habit modifier selection

Crystallization provides a comprehensive overview of the subject and will prove invaluable to all chemical engineers and industrial chemists in the process industries as well as crystallization workers and students in industry and academia.

Crystallization is written with the precision and clarity of style that is John Mullin's hallmark - a special feature being the large number of appendices that provide relevant physical property data.

Covers all new developments and trends in crystallization.

Comprehensive coverage of subject area.

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Defect Control in Semiconductors


Elsevier, 1990.

ISBNs 9780444884299

Colección: ScienceDirect

Resumen (en inglés): Defect control in semiconductors is a key technology for realizing the ultimate possibilities of modern electronics. The basis of such control lies in an integrated knowledge of a variety of defect properties. From this viewpoint, the volume discusses defect-related problems in connection with defect control in semiconducting materials, such as silicon, III-V, II-VI compounds, organic semiconductors, heterostructure, etc.

The conference brought together scientists in the field of fundamental research and engineers involved in application related to electronic devices in order to promote future research activity in both fields and establish a fundamental knowledge of defect control. The main emphasis of the 254 papers presented in this volume is on the control of the concentration, distribution, structural and electronic states of any types of defects including impurities as well as control of the electrical, optical and other activities of defects.

Due to the extensive length of the contents, only the number of papers presented per session is listed below.

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