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Compendium of Trace Metals and Marine Biota


Elsevier, 2010.

ISBNs 9780444534392

Colección: ScienceDirect

Resumen (en inglés): Each book has two main goals

1. Determine baseline concentrations of metals and metalloids in tissues of representative field populations of estuarine coastal, and open ocean organisms (Book 1:algae and macrophytes, protists, sponges, coelenterates, molluscs, crustaceans, insects, chaetognaths, annelids, echinoderms, and tunicates) (Book 2: elasmobranchs, fishes, reptiles, birds, mammals) and their significance to organism health and to the health of their consumers.

2. Synthesize existing information on biological, chemical, and physical factors known to modify uptake, retention, and translocation of each element under field and laboratory conditions. Recognition of the importance of these modifiers and their accompanying interactions is essential to the understanding of metals kinetics in marine systems and to the interpretation of baseline residue data.

Summarizes the available world literature on trace metal and metalloid concentrations in tissues of representative field populations

Indicates the significance to organism health and to their consumers

Synthesizes selected information on biological, chemical, and physical factors known to modify uptake, retention, and translocation of each element

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Computational Techniques for Multiphase Flows

Basics and Applications


Butterworth-Heinemann, 2009.

ISBNs 9780080467337

Colección: ScienceDirect

Resumen (en inglés): Mixed or multiphase flows of solid/liquid or solid/gas are commonly found in many industrial fields, and their behavior is complex and difficult to predict in many cases. The use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has emerged as a powerful tool for the understanding of fluid mechanics in multiphase reactors, which are widely used in the chemical, petroleum, mining, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. This book enables scientists and engineers to the undertand the basis and application of CFD in muliphase flow, explains how to use the technique, when to use it and how to interpret the results and apply them to improving aplications in process enginering and other multiphase application areas including the pumping, automotive and energy sectors.

*Understandable guide to a complex subject
*Important in many industries
*Ideal for potential users of CFD

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Computer Modelling of Microporous Materials


Academic Press, 2004.

ISBNs 9780121641375

Colección: ScienceDirect

Resumen (en inglés): Microporous materials, including both zeolites and aluminophosphates are amongst the most fascinating classes of materials, with wide ranging important applications in catalysis, gas separation and ion exchange. The breadth of the field has, moreover, been extended in the last ten years by the discovery of the versatile and exciting ranges of mesoporous materials.
Computational methods have a long and successful history of application in solid state and materials science, where they are indeed established tools in modelling structural and dynamic properties of the bulk and surfaces of solids; and where they are playing an increasingly important role in understanding reactivity. Their application to zeolite science developed strongly in the 1980's, with the initial successes in modelling structure and sorption, and with emerging capability in quantum mechanical methods. The field was reviewed over ten years, since then there have been major developments in techniques and of course the power of the available hardware, which have promoted a whole range of new applications to real complex problems in the science of microporous materials. This book aims to summarise and illustrate the current capabilities of atomistic computer modelling methods in this growing field.

- Details advances in the rapidly expanding field of microporous materials.
- Summarises key current techniques in this type of modelling.
- Illustrates the current capabilities of atomistic computer modelling methods.

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Control of Dead-time Processes


13th ed. London: Springer-Verlag, 2007.

Título de la serie/colección: Advanced Textbooks in Control and Signal Processing. ISSN 1439-2232,

ISBNs 9781846288289 9781846288296

Colección: SpringerLink

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Convective Heat Transfer

Mathematical and Computational Modelling of Viscous Fluids and Porous Media


Pergamon, 2001.

ISBNs 9780080438788

Colección: ScienceDirect

Resumen (en inglés): Interest in studying the phenomena of convective heat and mass transfer between an ambient fluid and a body which is immersed in it stems both from fundamental considerations, such as the development of better insights into the nature of the underlying physical processes which take place, and from practical considerations, such as the fact that these idealised configurations serve as a launching pad for
modelling the analogous transfer processes in more realistic physical systems. Such idealised geometries also provide a test ground for checking the validity of theoretical
analyses. Consequently, an immense research effort has been expended in exploring and understanding the convective heat and mass transfer processes between a fluid and submerged objects of various shapes. Among several geometries which have received considerable attention are plates, circular and elliptical cylinders, and spheres, although much information is also available for some other bodies, such as
corrugated surfaces or bodies of relatively complicated shapes.

The book is a unified progress report which captures the spirit of the work in progress in boundary-layer heat transfer research and also identifies potential difficulties and areas for further study. In addition, this work provides new material on convective heat and mass transfer, as well as a fresh look at basic methods in heat transfer. Extensive references are included in order to stimulate further studies of the problems considered. A state-of-the-art picture of boundary-layer heat transfer today is presented by listing and commenting also upon the most recent successful efforts and identifying the needs for further research.

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Corrosion Engineering

Principles and Solved Problems


Elsevier, 2015.

ISBNs 9780444627223

Colección: ScienceDirect

Resumen (en inglés): Corrosion Engineering: Principles and Solved Problems covers corrosion engineering through an extensive theoretical description of the principles of corrosion theory, passivity and corrosion prevention strategies and design of corrosion protection systems. The book is updated with results published in papers and reviews in the last twenty years. Solved corrosion case studies, corrosion analysis and solved corrosion problems in the book are presented to help the reader to understand the corrosion fundamental principles from thermodynamics and electrochemical kinetics, the mechanism that triggers the corrosion processes at the metal interface and how to control or inhibit the corrosion rates. The book covers the multidisciplinary nature of corrosion engineering through topics from electrochemistry, thermodynamics, mechanical, bioengineering and civil engineering.

  • Addresses the corrosion theory, passivity, material selections and designs
  • Covers extensively the corrosion engineering protection strategies
  • Contains over 500 solved problems, diagrams, case studies and end of chapter problems
  • Could be used as a text in advanced/graduate corrosion courses as well self-study reference for corrosion engineers

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Crystal Growth Technology


William Andrew Publishing, 2003.

ISBNs 9780815514534

Colección: ScienceDirect

Resumen (en inglés): Crystals are the unacknowledged pillars of modern technology. The modern technological developments depend greatly on the availability of suitable single crystals, whether it is for lasers, semiconductors, magnetic devices, optical devices, superconductors, telecommunication, etc. In spite of great technological advancements in the recent years, we are still in the early stage with respect to the growth of several important crystals such as diamond, silicon carbide, PZT, gallium nitride, and so on. Unless the science of growing these crystals is understood precisely, it is impossible to grow them as large single crystals to be applied in modern industry.
This book deals with almost all the modern crystal growth techniques that have been adopted, including appropriate case studies. Since there has been no other book published to cover the subject after the Handbook of Crystal Growth, Eds. DTJ Hurle, published during 1993-1995, this book will fill the existing gap for its readers.

The book begins with ""Growth Histories of Mineral Crystals"" by the most senior expert in this field, Professor Ichiro Sunagawa. The next chapter reviews recent developments in the theory of crystal growth, which is equally important before moving on to actual techniques. After the first two fundamental chapters, the book covers other topics like the recent progress in quartz growth, diamond growth, silicon carbide single crystals, PZT crystals, nonlinear optical crystals, solid state laser crystals, gemstones, high melting oxides like lithium niobates, hydroxyapatite, GaAs by molecular beam epitaxy, superconducting crystals, morphology control, and more. For the first time, the crystal growth modeling has been discussed in detail with reference to PZT and SiC crystals.

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4th ed. Butterworth-Heinemann, 2001.

ISBNs 9780750648332

Colección: ScienceDirect

Resumen (en inglés): Since the first publication of this definitive work nearly 40 years ago, this fourth edition has been completely rewritten.

Crystallization is used at some stage in nearly all process industries as a method of production, purification or recovery of solid materials.

Incorporating all the recent developments and applications of crystallization technology, Crystallization gives clear accounts of the underlying principles, a review of the past and current research themes and guidelines for equipment and process design. This new edition introduces and enlarges upon such subjects as:

· Control and Separation of polymorphs and chiral crystals
· Micro- and macro-mixing and the use of computer fluid dynamics
· Seeding and secondary nucleation in batch crystallization processes
· Incorporation of upstream and downstream requirements into design procedures for crystallization plant
· Computer-aided molecular design and its use in crystal habit modifier selection

Crystallization provides a comprehensive overview of the subject and will prove invaluable to all chemical engineers and industrial chemists in the process industries as well as crystallization workers and students in industry and academia.

Crystallization is written with the precision and clarity of style that is John Mullin's hallmark - a special feature being the large number of appendices that provide relevant physical property data.

Covers all new developments and trends in crystallization.

Comprehensive coverage of subject area.

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Crystallization Process Systems


Butterworth-Heinemann, 2002.

ISBNs 9780750655200

Colección: ScienceDirect

Resumen (en inglés): Crystallization Process Systems gives a clear, concise, balanced and up to date presentation of crystallization and solid-liquid separation of the crystalline product. The information is presented in a coherent, concise and logical sequence based on the fundamentals of particulate crystallization processes as systems.

By emphasising the analysis, design and operation of particulate crystallization processes as systems, the reader will be able to make a better judgement about the best, cheapest and most effective production method to use.

Presents a coherent, concise and logical sequence based on the fundamentals of particulate crystallization processes as systemsEmphasis on the design and optimization of the crystallization processing system

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Damages on Pumps and Systems

The Handbook for the Operation of Centrifugal Pumps


Elsevier, 2014.

ISBNs 9780444633668

Colección: ScienceDirect

Resumen (en inglés):

Damage on Pumps and Systems. The Handbook for the Operation of Centrifugal Pumps offers a combination of the theoretical basics and practical experience for the operation of circulation pumps in the engineering industry.

Centrifugal pumps and systems are extremely vulnerable to damage from a variety of causes, but the resulting breakdown can be prevented by ensuring that these pumps and systems are operated properly. This book provides a total overview of operating centrifugal pumps, including condition monitoring, preventive maintenance, life cycle costs, energy savings and economic aspects. Extra emphasis is given to the potential damage to these pumps and systems, and what can be done to prevent breakdown.

  • Addresses specific issues about pumping of metal chips, sand, abrasive dust and other solids in fluids
  • Emphasis on economic and efficiency aspects of predictive maintenance and condition monitoring
  • Uses life cycle costs (LCC) to evaluate and calculate the costs of pumping systems

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